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Open Hours: 9am-7pm Monday-Saturday

The Mustard Seed Sellersburg

7410 County Rd. 311, Sellersburg, IN 47172
Monday - Saturday 9am-7pm Closed Sunday

The Mustard Seed Floyds Knobs

3579 Paoli Pike, Floyds Knobs, IN, 47119
Monday - Saturday 9am-7pm Closed Sunday

Our Staff


Ginny Weigleb

Founder & Director of Missions

Marie Portrait

Marie Diehl

Director of Operations

What’s the Why?

“My ‘Why’ is to serve God and to, in my small way, help survivors get the healing they deserve, and to feel the love of Christ in the process.”

Jack Warner

Director of Facilities

What’s the Why?

I know that it was the power of prayer. My sister-in-law -Jill Warner – was on the board of trustees at the time. She knew that I would be a perfect fit, because of my different skill sets.

She told me that she , and possibly many other people were praying that I would come on board.

I was in between jobs and my daughter Alex was working at the Mustard Seed at the time. She said, “Hey dad, why don’t you come to the Mustard Seed and work?” Prayers answered! I love my job, and I love the mission!


Sherri Knoy

Director of Human Resources

What’s the Why?

My ‘Why’ is to serve God and this is where He needs me”.   Sexual assault is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through, it affects people every day, resulting in anxiety, depression, and it damages the heart, mind, and body.  I am blessed to be chosen to serve at the Mustard Seed.

Chloe Phipps

Director of Media

What’s the Why?

“I desired a career full of purpose and that pleased the Lord. The Mustard Seed allows me to utilize my creative skills to strengthen the mission. I feel fulfilled knowing that what I do for The Seed helps to provide healing for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I feel like I am truly making a difference in my community by the grace of God.”

Jennifer Vittitow

Director of Finance

What’s the Why?

“I serve at The Mustard Seed to see Jesus in action. We are blessed with many donations, volunteers, and customers who are faithful to our mission. The hands, feet and hearts of these people help me see Jesus in motion, as we endeavor to assist with the healing and prevention of childhood sexual abuse.”

Jackie's Portrait

Jackie Shulz

Store Manager
Floyds Knobs

What’s the Why?

“God’s plans are bigger than mine!  I was led to the Mustard Seed through a friend. Serving at the Mustard Seed is more than a paycheck, it’s being able to help the mission and serve God.”


Elizabeth Hunter

Assistant Store Manager


What’s the Why?

“My ‘Why,’ at first, was the income, but now it’s much more than money. Now my ‘Why’ is to help people. I have had several people tell me both negative and positive things that have happened in their lives. I hope I have helped those people in some way. I like expressing the mission of The Mustard Seed and S.O.A.R. (our partner) to others, as The Mustard Seed has helped me with hardships of my past. I love my Mustard Seed family.”


Vicky Dickerson

Store Manager


What’s the Why?

“I serve at The Mustard Seed which is a place of christian ministry. I love everything about it. I have a team of believers, and I’m blessed to be here. I love the fact that our mission is to help women who have been sexually abused. I am a survivor as well. It’s good to know that S.O.A.R. (our partners) helps with issues relating to sexual abuse.”


Vicci Conrad

Assistant Store Manager


What’s the Why?

“I believe I was called to serve at The Mustard Seed. The organizations we support are all important to me. By serving as a team member at the seed I can help those organizations in a small way. I could never donate to all of them, but by my work here, I touch each one. S.O.A.R., Choices, Family Ark, Childplace, Breakaway House, S.O.S., Jacobs Well, Providence House, etc. I get to indirectly reach each one in a small way.”