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How The Seed

Came to be...

The first seed

Our humble story

In March 2016, the Mustard Seed Thrift Store opened its doors in Floyds Knobs, not just as a thrift store but as a haven for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to connect to healing resources. The story unfolds with Ginny Weigleb, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, stepping into the role of founder with a vision inspired by her own journey.


Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of survivors, Ginny followed the Lord’s lead, which prompted her to open a thrift store that fueled a mission to help survivors. It did not take long for others to join Ginny on the journey. What was once just an idea flourished into reality with the incredible efforts of dedicated people who sincerely desired to see survivors get healing.


In those early days, the store quickly outgrew its original space, a testament to the community’s overwhelming generosity, and expanded within 6 months of opening. We would open our second location in 2017 in Sellersburg. The Mustard Seed became more than just a store; it became a community rallying point, a symbol of support for survivors of childhood abuse.


The imprint of the Mustard Seed has grown exponentially as we can fund organizations that provide survivors with direct care resources. We are expanding our network of services to reach more survivors in our community and beyond because of the faithfulness and generosity of others.

Survivor Testimonials

Each of these women are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The Mustard Seed has helped them and many others find the healing they needed! They are reminders for us all that hearts can be restored through faith and the gift of giving!